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NEIMASITAWI Luxury Fashion Business Projects


NEIMASITAWI Luxury Fashion is accepting your innovative ideas for how to expand our business. We are inviting candidates to submit their proposals for projects that address a need or concern of the business that they can correct with their unique skills, experience and backgrounds. Should we accept, the compensation structure will be based on the quantifiable, financial goals of the project you submit. Each candidate will be entitled to a 15% commission on any revenue bought into the business by their strategic project, plus an additional 10% bonus if your financial goals are realized in full. The compensation will depend on how much of the financial goal is actually realized. You will be working independently or with a team of your choice, with limited reporting to NEIMASITAWI’s Bologna headquarters. Please be as detailed and creative as possible in your ideas. If we accept the proposal you can start working on it immediately! Email your proposals to Protected content

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