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Nepal Earthquake 25 April, 2015

A strong earthquake (7.8) hit Nepal on April 25th, Protected content by several aftershocks that caused a big lost in human causalities and infrastructure damaged. The Government reported a total of 505,745 houses destroyed and 279,330 damaged by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April and the 7.3 quake on 12 May. The earthquakes killed 8,702 people (4,801 female; 3,899 male). An estimated 2.8 million people are still in need of humanitarian assistance and affect 14 district out of 75 District.

Nepal is a mountainous country, located in central part of the Himalayan belt. It is situated between the latitudes of 26’22’’to 30’27’’north and the longitudes of Protected content Protected content east. It covers a landmass area of 1, 47,181sq km. It spreads Protected content 241 Kilometers from north to south and Protected content from east to west. It is located in South Asia occupied only 0.01 percent of the total landmass of the Earth. Nepal is exposed to multiple recurrent hazards. The country falls in the top 20th list of the most multi-hazard prone countries in the world.

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