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Nespresso, yes or no?

I recently participated on the why yes or not to buy and use a Nespresso machine. I know about Nestle and its doubtful practices, but I'd like to focus solely on the Nespresso brand and have a healthy discussion regarding why not to use it, what to do to spill your opinion and make it count, and what do you think the effects would be. Or the opposite.
I'll start with my story to kick this off. I have one machine at home and like what it does. I've been told that I shouldn't use it because of 3 reasons:
1. Nespresso doesn't have a Fair Trade certificate, which implies that they condone the use of child labour.
2. The capsules use a needlesly big amount of no less than aluminium, energy consuming material to produce and recycle.
3. They are unfairly expensive.
With 1. I'm not so sure the solution would be stop buying, because as soon as a big Corp notices a hit on the bottom line, they will just squeeze even further the small producers.
With 2., well, I worked in the Automotive industry and all the coffee I will drink in my life doesn't even acount for a couple of components of a car.
With factor number 3... If I want to pay 10€ for a coffee I'm sure many companies are willing to supply me coffee.
This are just my initial comments to provoke you and do not reflect exactly what I think. In fact, I'm not sure I made up my mind about this, hence the post.
Please attack the opinion and not the person behind it.

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