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New EBook launched...THE VOICE OF SILENCE


Dear Friends,

With great joy I share the release of my second book. Thanks to all of you, my first book ( Protected content ) received an incredible response and your astounding feedback has been quite inspiring and heart warming.

I now present to you Book -III :

“THE VOICE OF SILENCE”, a Book ( Protected content ) co-authored by Lord Sanat Kumara, Goddess Venus, and Sangeeta G Handa.

“THE VOICE OF SILENCE” Speaks after a long silence and reveals mystifying secrets from a time even before Earth’s conception, followed by the very creation of Earth and, through humanity’s various Golden Ages (recorded and unrecorded); alongwith the appalling stories of the eventual destruction of each Root Race. However, the extraordinary feature unveiled by this Book is the ‘never-before revealed’ angle of ‘emotions and feelings' that were experienced by the Creator and Its Hierarchy (especially by the Regent God of Earth - Lord Sanat Kumara) at the point of Final Judgment, when God’s Fiat was issued for complete annihilation of the Human Race!

Extract from the Book:

“The hour of the judgment had once again arrived, and the Nameless One, the God of All That Is, the Voice of Silence, seated upon His throne summons His son; known famously then as the ‘The Lord of the World’, Lord Sanat Kumara; and Speaks: “Let the evolution of Etar (the Akashic Records name for Atlantis) become extinct. No longer shall this defiance of the Law be tolerated! My dear son, ye hath my power and my word to carry forth our plan that ye know of. Go forth and implement the termination of Etar immediately!” …Lord Sanat Kumara is deeply saddened to commission yet another extinction of humanity. Earth has been a tough experiment for the galaxy, though daring and courageous, as the lifeforms literally walk a thin rope in total darkness that spells doom at both ends, yet ne’er had humanity ever succeeded in successfully crossing-over the narrow, slippery, needle-thin pathway of complete darkness into the open arena of Light. Sanat Kumara was the father of human civilization and therefore felt the pain of a parent who had to kill his own children for the higher good of all life in the universe. For earth, he was Brahma–the creator, Vishnu-the preserver, and Shiva-the destroyer. And so, in the role of Shiva, Lord Sanat Kumara then prepares to fulfill His responsibility..”.

Man must know his past on earth, and the history of earth, if he is to Ascend. No one can attain Nirvana, Mukti, Liberation, Freedom, Ascension from the drama of the 3D world unless he awakens fully to the primordial knowledge of his identity all that truly transpired here. Our history books, non-fiction novels, documentaries, and even archeological relics do not reveal the True Story.

It was said then…
“At a time unborn,
'Secrets' shall unveil to ones who dare dwell within.
The First Divine shall unearth the Fire
And bring forth
Material from Immaterial
That shall fill the world with LIGHT!”

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