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Nice Attacks: 14/07/16


This was Ursula Wasmu's post on the IN forum a few hours ago on a separate thread.
I was so impacted by it that I thought the OP for this thread should just be her story - else it may be lost under a different thread subject.

"I just escaped the terror attack in Nice.
I was there with my daughter and a friend.
I did not realize what happened, my daughter heard the shots and started runnung and just screamed "mom run"
everybody was in panic and running.
I lost her. I fell. There was no way of phoning her, the line was locked, only sms.
She ran to the car. I ran to a nearby hotel.
I said I come. She smsed me, don't come, there is shooting at place Massena too ( which I needed to cross). She said she found shelter at an apartment and we reached her there.
All the time we did not know what happened.
We just saw military, police, ambulance and people running.
We heard now that just next to us, ca 20 to 100m, at the promenade, a truck drove into people and there were shots.
We heard there are many people dead.

There were masses of people, all in panic running. After 5 min running we thought we were safe, but I could not see my daughter. Then people started screaming again, there were shots, and we ran again.

PS: I am so glad we are safe. I now read that the truck drove 2km over bodies (CNN). We were so close. 2 min later and it could have been us.

2.PS: see this: Protected content

Last edit on 15/07/ Protected content by Ursula WasMu"

Just a content warning please that the video is not for sensitive viewers.

Prayers and thoughts to everyone affected by this tragedy.
Am at a loss to even think or suggest what this discussion should focus on. My humble apologies.
Please share as the thoughts come around this tragic event.

(Ursula: I offer to remove the story from the OP at any time if you wish/prefer).

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