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No american weapons in Ukraina

Recently high representative of US Adm. , John Kerry and Joe Biden said that USA are going to decide positevely on supplying weapons to Ukraina . I believe that this is a great disgrace for all Europe and the end of propsperous and peacefull time. Some few points.
First : if Ukraina would phisically located between USA and Canada , do you thing that all this conflict would have been possible ? Surely no. USA would have stopped any external interference.
Second : Europe needs everything but absolutely no new army or weapon for this simply reason . If you drive on a higway with a normal car you drive correctly , but if you have a Ferrari the temptation tu run is real. The same for weapons , the more weapons are, the more possibility to use them . It is time to tell stop, this is a conflict on the hearth of Europe between two christian community, the situation on disputed territory is becoming days by days terrible (mainly for civilian) .
All we know, that during a war the men are used to show the worst of them . Let'avoid that this happen ! I believe that every peaple who love and consider sacred the democracy and the way of life we are used to have , should act to stop military escalation in Europe.

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