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NZ Embassy in Japan anyone ?

I 'know' Michael Q Todd virtually and he has messed up with Japan BIG TIME me thinks as this comment says Protected content

Though there's some thing one could do if being helpful . . . quote from a second comment:

"There is one thing someone needs to do for MQ-- and this is free: let the NZ embassy know that he is there.

They won't be able to do anything other than provide guidance in English to help him understand what is happening until the day of his deportation (probably two weeks or less). Still, this is better than no contact from any English communication at all.

I hope the Canadian group or somebody that is close to him (I don't know which detention center he's in... I'm guessing Ibaraki for Tokyo) has informed the NZ embassy."

. . . End of Quote

Any takers willing to contact and report back here that NZ embassy is informed ?

Thank you.

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