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Obtaining translated Apostille certif. for Ecuador


I am in the process of pursuing an opportunity in Ecuador, where I would be drawing up either a work or professional visa in February. However prior to getting that taking care of I have been told I need an Apostille Certificate certifying lack of criminal record and also certifying my university degree, translated into spanish.

Has anyone here on the forum done such a thing going from the United States (I am in the state of Colorado) to Ecuador? When I did a very cursory search a few weeks ago, it noted some types of Apostille certificates were done through the State, but then it seemed others require going through the federal government (I am guessing the latter will be the case?). However I didn't notice anything talking about getting it translated.

I recognize this sort of thing is probably not 'straightforward', but if anyone happens to have done this who could point me in the right direction (i.e. 'Go here first', then go there), it would be most helpful.


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