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On seleting a home-Why not Nepal?

Of all the countries on the planet few are as safe as Nepal, as far as physical safety goes. Although I’m sure there is plenty of crime, it’s usually-almost always crime among the locals rather than tourists. In the three years I’ve lived here I have been taken advantage of plenty of times, but never felt a fear for my physical safety. It’s a society with many intricacies and I am convinced that a random old lady would come along if I screamed and she would scold the criminal into letting me go. However, I don’t take chances because I do realize there are gangs here and little old ladies have little influence.

So, about living expense, I believe a widow woman from the West with a small retirement can live very well in Nepal. I am so sure this is the case I’ve decided to help anyone wanting to come to Nepal. If anyone would like to explore a move to Nepal I will be happy to answer any questions for them. I’ve been here for over three years and love it more now than when arrived.

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