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HELP HOMELESS CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD...I will be the founder of an organization which has the responsability of collecting funds from donations in a basis of USD$1,00 per month. The aim is to create a chain of founders with equal participation. The deposits or wire transfers will be accepted only, in the International or Universal Children's Day, that is to say, June the 1st. or November the 20th. Each founder may choose between those dates to accomplish his/her anual donation. The principle of equality among members, allows only one donation per year of USD$12,00 (twelve U.S. dollars). I suggest an order to your bank account manager, of a wire tranfer programming, once a year, either on June the 1st. or November the 20th.. Every last day of the year a Crèche or Orphanage project will be presented to all founders and one social community from each continent (America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia/New Zealand) will be voted to recieve the Crèche or Orphanage. Everyday, on-line, the balance of the account will be followed by all founders. The budget to built the Crèche or Orphanage will be established according to the collected funds, during a calendar year.

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