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Opportunity to grow with a new Education Venture!

Did you know by the time you finish reading this post, India will sell Protected content phones and Protected content , Facebook will add Protected content people, few hundred thousand people will find their desired results on Google, Over Protected content will be added to the iTunes store and more than a million rupees will be spent on internet? Not to forget the few million discussions around thousand odd brands all over the social platforms!

Every minute has never been any closer to history than this time, never before until one had a blazing connectivity with the world like this one. The dynamics are changing fast and the consumer mind-set, even faster! Catering to this madness, the communication and media sectors are at an all time high in India and so is the demand for professionals to handle such varied needs. The rapid emergence of new media is only adding an upward yield to the battery of challenging roles and to the demand of an even smarter and trained breed of advertising minds. WOW! Isn’t this a fantastic situation for any industry? But are we making the most out of it? Are you? As we understand all these great advantages do come with their set of challenges too and this one shouts out loud for a breed of ‘trained’ quality professionals as the existing pool/training systems aren’t helping much.

DMTI (Digital Marketing Training Institute), a consortium of senior advertising professionals, has been formed with the commitment to the cause of providing a talented resource pool to the Digital Media community. It is an endeavor to create digital marketers, by digital marketers, for the digital market.
DMTI offers comprehensive programs that cover all aspects of Digital Marketing. The best names from the industry have been handpicked to develop & teach the programs. A cutting-edge curriculum set up by the industry and the commitment of passionate professionals from Digital Industry to teach these programs is what sets DMTI apart from the rest of the Digital Training community. You may Find more details about the newly funded venture on Protected content .

We are looking for Marketing Experts to join hands with the team and take part in this turn key project. Young professionals (Preferably Expats) with a sound experience of Marketing education products are welcome to send in their resume to Protected content . However, if you feel up for it but don't really have relevant experience, we would still encourage you to drop in a note for a meeting.

Look forward to hear responses from you all for this Mumbai (currently) and Delhi (with in next 6 months) based organisation.

Arnab Mitra

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