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Our changing societies

Societies are always changing, all over the civilised world. Sometimes the changes are minor and gradual, sometimes they're major and sudden. Most people like to reminisce about them - or some of them - and the older we become, the more there is to reminisce about. As an old man, I enjoy remembering my younger days, and marvelling at some of the changes. Having a personal online journal, it's easy for me to jot down some of the memories there.

A year ago I posted a piece called "Where have all the bad people come from?" - looking back to earlier times when children could walk the streets without fear of violence, and their parents let them.
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We who lived in those times probably became used to taking care of ourselves in a way that some of today's youngsters don't seem to be able to do. Of course the safety I remember didn't apply everywhere; but it did apply to the place where I lived, and to the place where my wife lived.

In this international forum, it would be interesting to learn of others' childhoods - whether they were peaceful or not, and wherever they were. I invite members of this website to tell us a bit about some of their childhood memories.

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