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Paris Attacks - Humanity unity for HOPE


We are all revolted to live such a crisis, a situation where many of our fellow humans lost their most precious attribute: their lives. Paris, a city among the most beautiful in the world, encountered a sad night, a terrorizing night: a night to remember and to be an enflaming desire to help other humans and condemn atrocities whatever their nature.

What is death? What does it represent? How do we feel it? Do we sense it identically for a human, an animal, a plant or any living being? Do we feel the same if it hit someone we know or a complete stranger? How can we face it? How to accept it? Should we do something about it? Why do we feel a deep pain? What defines this awful sensation? Is it the circumstances preceding the imminent death? Is it the precious beautiful moments and memories of the past that come flashing before our eyes? Is death something we can explain, understand and absorb? What about death following violent accidents, fatal attacks, terrorism attacks of worst cases? How to handle such hurtful emotions? These are mixed feelings of being lost, angry, sad, revolted, fragile, speechless, incapable of changing these realities, powerless and simply without means of defence…
Death deals with many dimensions of our lives, internally and externally. Death has many faces…some are gentle and peaceful to the point that we admire them, others are fearful and outrageous to the point we condemn them. Death has many facets and requires a very thorough depth diving in order to pierce through all its layers. After all, death is the moment succeeding the last heart beat, the mortal end of life, the absence of all that is beautiful and alive, the Grand Finale yet the start of the Greatest Mystery of all time…Death is renowned to be an event deeply moving, emotional by nature, profound in impact and awakening for the soul. It is like a shadow tailing us from unknown distances, with unknown skills and frightening manoeuvres. Its secret has been hidden since the beginning of life itself. As life ends, death remains the last masterpiece and as such imposes respect. There are no escapes, no vip passes, no alternative dimension where to hide and no immortality. Seeing its supreme attributes and godly characteristics, it is very hard to narrow this part of our existence. However, it is relevant to expose certain facts so that the world may awaken in a thunderous united cry to invigorate the fragile light of humanity residing in every human being heart. Recently, France and Tunisia lived two fatal attacks causing the death of many innocent souls in a tragic, violent and revolting act of terrorism. Syria, Lebanon and other countries are facing death every day. It is not only for the dead that I dedicate this but for the many souls connected to them, their families, mothers, fathers, children, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends and humans who felt the painful back stab to their heart when least expected. May all rest in peace and may time and humanity help appease this great loss…

Death from a human perspective is a reality we are confronted with occasionally. As we live through these events, we feel the slices and the scars it leaves on our souls. One must ask, why does it represent such a haunting and painful emotion? Is it because it is irreversible, uncontrollable and unreachable? Who knows the answers to all our interrogations? It is impossible to describe or define such an overwhelming rush of emotional distress…there exists no expert in this field, no words that can heal the deep injuries, no treatment to lift such sadness. Most of us humans try to hide our pain, our agony, our sorrow and our grief and appear strong. But, in the darkness of our rooms, in the coldness of our beds, in the most intimate moments we suffer, we break the silence with calm yet noble tears and we hope that the night would pass, the insomnia would be lifted, the fresh scars would be healed and time would manage our despair. But we never know when that would happen, we never know how to cease the healing moment and we continue to live in our misery. Our mind doesn’t make things easier because as we try to move on, we keep being reminded with objects, clothes, photos, souvenirs of loved ones dispersed all around us in a blinding flash that kills the silence and stops the healing…

This is only the tip of the emotions’ iceberg when it comes to death reactions and what is lived is far more profound and hurtful. Nevertheless, death isn’t only a sad memory since it is also a regeneration of our understanding and feelings regarding the great unmatched value of a human life. It is true that death of a close person is experienced many times harder than that of a stranger. But, it is not an excuse to neglect or forget the hurtful impact on fellow humans. After all, we are one unique great family. Nationalities, borders, religions, races, ethnicities, colours all fall and crumble in the face of death. As humans, we are all created in the same fashion and when a heart stops we do feel it as a slice taking a part of us to the grave. Yet, HOPE regenerates that part with a gentler and more human cell moved by the vitality of the last breath of the cell preceding her. That vibe and that energy is like a dying star emitting light throughout the galaxy of our body and resonating throughout the universe. Hope is what keeps us going, moving on and reaching out to others. Our will is our driving force directing this beam of newly acquired vitality towards the following days and nights of our existence. A need of action is born, a need of help takes flight and a fire of humanity is blazing and echoing within our hearts. That defying flame gazes in the evil’s eyes in a sign of victory that no matter the causes and consequences of these attacks, the future belongs to HUMANITY and building bridges between populations across the globe. This earth is the birth place of all of us. As citizens of this world, we are all faced with these hard realities and as responsible citizens we owe it to our brothers and sisters out there to feel their pain, share their emotions, be present in these moments of sadness, help see the light at the end of this long tunnel. With death comes birth and with birth death comes…it is the cycle of life. The urgency to make others share this commitment to humanity is the key to succeed in changing the harsh realities and diminish the happening of these violent and revolting deaths in order to live peaceful and noble events.

This draws us a step closer to engaging with our human nature, thus, enhancing our will to connect with others, to play our part on the international scene and to exchange talents. It doesn’t require millions of dollars, a great fortune, great knowledge or fascinating attributes to make a stand against terrorism in favour of a united world. All it takes is a WILL to make a change and a POSITIVE attitude. Some help with funds, some with their presence, some with a change in their lifestyle, some with a bowl of hot soup, some with a piece of bread, some with loving gestures, some with a kind hand shake, some with speeches, some with poetry, some with dreams and ideas, some with words and some with positive thoughts. Many means do exist to help build a UNITED WORLD. The most important part is to channel these elements and make them loud and known by everyone. It is through our emotions that we can channel most of these positive vibes as hallows of GOOD magnetic fields healing our hearts, souls and minds. As humans heal so would the earth that is a gift from our parents and a responsibility towards our children. May the sacrifices, the suffering and the pain be healed through our united bridges, our united international culture, our united mentality and our united human family.

Nothing is sadder than feeling a frightened kid’s heart beat racing in unrealistic speeds, and nothing is warmer than a tight hug calming that unstable kid’s heart rate in a sign of commitment to his future. A gentle and soft whisper in his ear that he will be all right and that life is denser than that event and his life is SAFE now. Kindness, a smile and any symbol of company are free gifts we can share openly, daily and without count. Imagine having the ability to HEAL with words, with acts and with noble gestures some of the world’s most engaging extenuating circumstances and demanding sicknesses…isn’t it worth a try? Isn’t it worth our Protected content heart beat!!! If not, what is worth our time? What is worth our breath of life than to help others? What is worth our vitality if not to be put at the service of fellow humans? What is worth our soul if not to help maintain PEACE and UNITY in this world? Here are words for us, humans, where ever we are, who ever we are and when ever we are ready to make a stand and speak our minds and heart emotions against all that is evil in this world. Like a rose our commitment to life, peace and happiness will grow and flourish into the light of hope and humanity.

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