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Paris/Brussels -Humanity attacked


I am modifying previous thread related to Blasphemy petition.

Early this year when Charli Hebdo cartoonists were attacked by terrorists some liberal secular voices started saying they brought it upon themselves by provoking hurting religious sentiments.

Today for the first time after Protected content Paris has declared emergency such is the scale of terrorist attack . In Beirut suicide bombings resulted in loss of Protected content & Protected content . Some reports suggests Protected content lives have been lost in Paris. Has the Liberal, Secular thought failed to understand the doctrine of terrorism motivated by religious ideologies & failure to do course correction for application & upholding of universal human values across the world?

Is this not high time that UN & the whole world works towards separation of religion & state across the world & globally create education system that teaches universal values as per the charter of universal human rights?

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"Far too much sympathy is shown to people who claim to be motivated by religion - sympathy that would not be shown to people acting from mere prejudice.

The United Kingdom abolished its blasphemy law in Protected content the United States has never had one at the federal level. The French region of Alsace-Moselle does have one, dating back to its history as part of Germany, but it’s not easy to use. India never had blasphemy laws until British.

The heads of two Canadian organizations promoting secularism will ask the Department of Justice to abolish a section of the criminal code that makes blasphemy illegal, following Wednesday’s attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

Section Protected content the Criminal Code makes “blasphemous libel” punishable by up to two years in jail in Canada.

No one been prosecuted under the law since Protected content . As late as Protected content , the law was used to charge the Canadian distributor of Monty Python’s film Life of Brian; the charges were later dropped.

Only last month, the heads of Humanist Canada and the Centre for Inquiry, a national organization that promotes “skeptical, secular rational and humanistic inquiry,” met with Ambassador Andrew Bennett, head of the federal government’s Office of Religious Freedom, to note the law’s inconsistency with Canada’s policy of supporting religious freedom abroad.

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