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Partner needed in my eco~project ..


Hello There ! I’m Protected content old From City of Librazhd, Albania , Me and my Grandpa own some land in Shebenik Nacional Park , I have bean traveling a lot last years and I have seeing a lot of similar places , and I think is the perfect place to build an eco turism plan , for bacpakers , peoples who wants to sleep in camping tend , there is a lake who you can use for 4 months to take a mountain bath 😊 . The place is located 7,5 kom far away from the city of Librazhd is an protected area , we can grow everything here , from very special garlic , corn , onions , quince , winter apple , plum , tomatos , cabbage potatos , cherry , etc .... so is a productive land , all I need is someone who wants to invest here so I can share with him the profit 50 – Protected content , and this all in pappers , if he want to own some land in this proprety we can speak in personal , i like talking taking advices and listening from people , I like making new friend tolking to them about projects , here we can make an off road racing , the roads are perfect , all I can say is that here are a lot of opportunity’s , its olso a perfect place ski jump , ski slopes , I have some chicken , ducks , dogs , two cows , dogs , 15 sheeps so its a perfect place to grow a farm , because is a lot of pasture , but I want this farm to grow soo I want to put like Protected content , 10 cows , Protected content , that’s why I’m asking for some one to invest in mee because I’m sure we can take our profit back , ohhh and the nature its so relaxing , perfect place for 2 or 3 weeks vacation and mixed with all agriculture , farming , eco turism , wee can turn this virgin place in a productive place in the first 1 or two years , I’m very positive and wating to contact with you for more information I will seend some picture .... Regards

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