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Planning to Move to Europe

Hey everyone,

My girlfriend and I are planning to move to Europe.

Mainly because we can't take living in the middle east anymore, but also because we'd love to do our masters in sustainable design and live in Europe permanently. (we are both architects, she's graduating this year, I graduated in Protected content currently working in KSA)

Here are the issues we're facing:

I've been working in KSA for about 2 years now, mainly because I needed to help my family and my brothers to finish their university education. This didn't really help me save up enough money. I've restarted the saving process this month.

We'd need to find architecture firms to work for before applying to university, otherwise we'd be restricted to the working hours of international students. (we both do not have EU citizenship)


Any advice on what our next step should be?
How much money should we save up before moving?
What countries should we look into for good education and good paying jobs (in the architecture, design field) ?

Thank You all in advance

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