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Please Help! Cross-Cultural Virtual Team Members

Have any of you worked, or do you know anyone who has worked in or lead a Cross-Cultural Virtual Team? I am completing my thesis and am in need of respondents to my interview questionnaire. Please read the following:

A Brief Introduction: A Cross-Cultural Virtual Team (CCVT) is similar to that of a standard Virtual Team but is rather composed of team members from various national cultures. For the purpose of my Master’s thesis, I am studying the impact that national culture has on CCVTs and Leadership from a Distance. With the lack of face-to-face contact, time zones, etc. virtual teams face many challenges. One of the greatest challenges they face is connected with the various cultural backgrounds of the team members.

A standard example of a CCVT is a team set up to work on a short or long term project and its' members consists of employees from India, Germany, China, Brazil, Thailand, France and Canada. Finding a common culture between them is difficult. CCVTs are the way of the future, with companies attempting to pool competencies across locations, reduce travel expenses and save time. My questions are only focusing on the impact of culture on the CCVT as well as the CCVT Leader. Distance Leaders take on a whole new set of duties when leading a CCVT in comparison to a traditional team that meets face-to-face.

I would be extremely grateful if you would be willing to take a few minutes and answer questions regarding this topic. Please send me a message using Internations including your email address.

Lastly, I will gladly email you a copy of my thesis if you would be interested in reading it following completion. My hope is that it can serve as a tool for future work in leading or being a member of a CCVT. Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Nancy Foster

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