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Please Help: Leaving Canada - Where should I go?


I am a mid 20's professional in the Financial Industry and a Canadian citizen, and my husband is early 30's painter/construction worker and a citizen of Latvia. We are expecting a baby girl in August and my husband's refugee claim (filed before we were married) recently was dismissed by the Federal Court in Canada. We think that we would like to leave Canada for multiple reasons although we could submit a sponsorship application for him to stay.

#1 is the harsh winters. The grey and cold part of the year is just something I would like to stay in the past for me, I am prone to depression and really don't feel like myself with the lack of sunshine.

#2 is the lack of work/life balance. We live in Toronto, and although we are doing well, there is not any time or energy left to spend time together. I am especially trying to avoid this for when my daughter is born. (Perhaps this is not an issue with our location), but my husband has mentioned that Canada feels like a rat race in comparison to the many European countries where he has worked, which leads me to believe that I may find my balance elsewhere.

I would also love to learn Spanish, as I always wanted my children to be exposed to that culture (we both speak English and Russian). Once my daughter is born, my income will decrease to about $1500CAD per month, + we will have some savings to take with us, but not much. I can receive this income in any part of the world as it is part of my Maternity benefit.

We have looked at Uruguay, but it seems that it might be more then we can afford until my husband finds a job and I have heard that Uruguay is a destination for retirement and as a young family we might find it boring.

I am now looking at Buenos Aires, but I am concerned that the residency process may be too difficult and also whether my husband will be able to find a job within the first couple of months.

Any advice on either of the above locations, and any suggestion of places I should consider will be greatly appreciated. Things I have to keep in mind is our income will only be $1500CAD for the first few month until my husband can find employment, expat community where we may get assistance, health and education system, climate and of course the crime rate.

Thank you,

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