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Please Help, Precious Stone or What??

I have a Precious Stone with me it was given to me by a local miner on my trip to Africa my home land, i was respected in my community including my aged parents though. I am a novice to stones but i am not sure if it is Diamond yet as i dont know about stones, that is why i am asking any interested Geologist to contact me asap so that he can see it and know what type of stone it is; though there is 100% evidence on this small stone to be something precious because of the sharp rainbow colors it provide when shown to the sun and if happens to be then it is the world biggest stone ever found under the earth.

There are mines in my community though, some have been closed by natural disaster while some are fresh mine, gold of prominence, but this white shiny stone is something strange, so help me to know what type of stone it is and if it of market value?

my current contacts are: Protected content

Thanks and Truly Yours,

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