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Politics and the Bible

I used to believe that the bible stood quite distinct from the political realm along with governmental issues, but I was ignorant as a new believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hadn't taken the time to explore these things in light of Scripture, but when I did I was amazed as to how they relate to the word of God and what He has spoken of concerning everything we witness being played out in our society. I am by no means a political person, but I do see a precise pattern operating in both politicians, mainstream media, and religious leaders, mainly the Pope. This agenda they wish to push is exactly what the bible speaks of regarding the last days; which of course is to make society conform to and think a certain way, where everyone is on the same page. In case some are not aware, the plan is to establish a one world government/religion. This is being propagated by our world leaders along with assistance from the Pope, who the bible refers to as the false prophet who is the forerunner for the coming of the Antichrist who will govern this one world system. From the religious perspective, the Pope is trying to mold society by forming this ecumenical one world interfaith religion, but this is a trap that the world will sadly fall into. The Lord God of the bible calls His own to be separate from the unsaved world who don't know Jesus Christ. Christians are referred to as His prized possession and God doesn't share His glory with another. Jesus said that the road to eternal life is narrow that few find. This road is through Him, but the world would have you convinced that there are many paths to God despite the exclusivity of the Lord Jesus Christ and who He claims to be. The belief is that as long as a person is sincere in what he/she believes, then such a person can enter heaven. This is exactly what the Pope is saying, but I'd like to ask the Pope what he is basing this idea upon because it contradicts the very words of Jesus. But those who have no discernment will simply believe everything they are spoon-fed. The stage is being set right now for this one world government and everything is coming together for the arrival of the Antichrist, and I believe he will arise out of the political realm. Most will acknowledge, adore, and receive him as the Savior of the world because he will promise to end the economic crisis, war, and will introduce a false peace that will utterly destroy humanity. This is exactly what Daniel 8 speaks of concerning the Antichrist, and mind you this was written over Protected content . I pray that you all do not fall victim to the lies and deceptions of our governments, but that you'd seek and believe on the Lord Jesus for salvation. God does not lie and His promises are kept forever in heaven! Blessings to all.

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