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Possible way to prevent Avian Flu from spreading 1

When I was working in Hong Kong as a summer intern in the Marketing Service Section in a trading company, I was requested to accompany another summer intern from USA to go to China for business visit very very long time ago.

When we reached a department store, a man tried to speak to my co-worker with pretty good English, fluently...

At that time, many Hong Kong people thought the education and standard of Chinese in Mainland was far backward than that in Hong Kong. I was surprised. And this man said he was a STUDENT from NANKING..... He said he wanted to practise English with us...

Today, I saw an article in a magazine telling me that students from Nanking have made a very amazing invention: The Air Umbrella...
Superficially, it is just a weak umbrella to shelter people under slight rainfall.

However, amazingly I think it can become the most efficient tools to prevent the Avian Flu. (^_−)−☆

As we all know, Avian Flu is spread to poultries in farm in regular bird migration seasons, through the bird's droppings or faeces.

With this umbrella design, I think it can effectively protect the poultries from landing of the migratory birds and their dropping of faeces, without too much disturbance and waste of money for expensive setup of coverage to farms and poultries.

When there is problem, try to think out a way! \\\\\\\\(^o^)/

And this is the invention is from our GREAT CHINA.


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