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Possible way to prevent Avian Flu from spreading 2

Further to my previous note: Possible way to prevent Avian Flu from spreading: Invisible Umbrella, I have read about ecological designs and green building structures of Taiwan.
I saw some points quite interesting....

We all want to return to cycle of nature, however, at the same time we want to keep the present comfortable living.....

Sometimes we may encounter problems we cannot solve, we may ask the expert in that field.....

So when there is a problem in nature, I think we should ask the nature to help us to solve...

As I read, the spread of Avian Flu is mainly by droppings of migratory birds to poultry farms.

We can use the natural instinct of these birds to prevent them from flying close or landing to the farm. This time, we may apply the knowledge of Taiwanese, who use Labels of "Raptor" pictures to threaten away the migratory birds from banging to the glass of green house.

We can put signs of "Raptor" in proper places of the farm to reduce the contact between the poultries and the migratory birds, thus reducing the chances of the spread of the Avian Flu

This is just what I am thinking...

To be green, we have to think about techniques and also think naturally....

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