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Predicting greedy US as the next global enemy?


Personally i believe that ISIS and Syria is another pretext like Bin laden and Iraq and the intent to dominate their oil supply

And while they seem to have concocted the right pretext to start war with every one of their hostile state including china, i personally think they have neglected something really integral to their success and that is the "Godly" factor

the wheels of karma is ever turning and greed that costs human lives will not get the success it sets out to achieve!

that is why i believe there will be very interesting blowback kind of events that will turn things around and for that reason i would not recommend holding on to US stocks and bonds LOL

and while this may cause suspicion that i have grudge against US or attacking them or being perfectly biased well i wlll declare that i am not
but i am very suspicious and very disillusioned and cases like WMD and Protected content i highly believe is a conspiracy has led me to think that i deserve to feel dsitrustful
especially since the facts are in line with my beliefs

in my little speculation there is drive within Obama to resist the power of jewish money within the administration and ends the route of bloodbath to get what they want
and this can be done by shifting the dynamics of the situation by bringing in new strong players.
A new strong Indonesia for example will lead to much desire for stability in nearby regions,and US will be able to retract its forces gracefully without seeming weak

So the key is still with the Obama leadership. coz the next one which is hillary clinton (speculation) will not be as kind.

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