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Presidents/Prime Ministers: Global Comparisons


Superpower vs. NonSuper Power Characteristics. Who stands out more and why?

How do they present to the rest of the world? What characteristics do we look for as strong representation for our countries?

Can we, by free discussion with each other discover what subconsciously we want as leaders for a peaceful world or other and what we have currently and why?

On review, what is the general consensus? Are we collectively looking for qualities that represent strength without war or otherwise?

Does this awaken us to how close or how far we are together or apart? Are we agreeing or are we miles apart in expectations?

For example: if we choose a figure that we find admirable, which country is he/she leading and what is his style, domestically and internationally. What about the citizens, what is the world view of their happiness or unhappiness? What is wrong, what is right?

How do we measure results? State how you think? It will be added here.

Respectful and dignified discussion only please.

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