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Prostitution should be legalized or abolished


Prostitution is referred to as the world's oldest profession - although it is a risky industry filled with a façade of women and men being paid to please the opposite sex sexually there are a vast amount of men and women who would be considered prostitutes currently in the profession in the United States.
Male and female sex workers can be found in every city, in every country of the world. From prostitution on the street to high paid escorts - the profession is not getting smaller. It is growing with less of a stigma - a scary thought for the future.
Shocking Statics:
Nearly 50% of men have been with a prostitute.
70% of female inmates in American prisons were initially arrested for prostitution
Prostitutes report being "horribly beaten" by their pimps an average of 58 times a year
Over 1 million people in the US have worked as prostitutes
77.8% of arrests are women, 22.2% men
Prostitutes account for 90% of the arrests, their clients for only 10%
Protected content % of those arrested are street prostitutes, who account for 20% of prostitutes
Only 3-5% of STDs are prostitution-related
80% of prostitutes have been sexually assaulted, some raped as many as Protected content annually
97% of house-prostitutes like themselves more after than before becoming prostitutes
59% of prostitutes have thought of committing suicide, compared to 61% of non-prostitutes

Some think it should be legalized and rest think it should be abolished.
I wanna see what the view of Internation on this is issue.
There is only one criteria for this discussion, there is nothing called wrong or right view in this topic, so can be disused from any angle, provided is socially acceptable.

Warm Regards,
Chandan Sharma

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