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Purchase -Young Learner Teacher Training Course

Having spent most of my life living & travelling in Africa as well as visiting some 25 countries around the world, I know first-hand what difficulties young learners have in trying to learn English, especially those in remote & rural areas. Many times these areas are impoverished and very little resources are available to teachers and students alike. I made a decision to find the best Young Learner Course Developers and Teachers around the world and together we would develop a Young Learner Teacher Training Course specifically aimed at equipping teachers to teach English to young learners in rural and impoverished areas of the world, thus giving them a better start in life.
We would like to offer you the opportunity to ‘OWN THIS PRODUCT and use it to train & prepare teachers to get the skills and confidence they need to teach English to children and teenagers.
Should you wish to make use of this unique, limited and affordable offer please note the following:
• Complete the ‘Application to Purchase’ form (attached) and email it back to us with all your relevant details.
• We will send you (very basic) detailed samples of the course layout. (electronically)
• Should you wish to go ahead with the purchase.
• Deposit the full purchase amount (€ Protected content our PayPal Account.
• On confirmation of your payment we will immediately send you the full package, either by email or ‘dropbox’ .
• The total package size is 5MB and should you have a ‘Hi speed ADSL’ connection it could easily be downloaded without the use of software like ‘dropbox’.
Our research has shown us that this package offers you an incredible ROI (return on investment). To attend a Teacher Training Course for Young Learners could cost as much as € Protected content for an online course and three times that for a ‘face to face’ with a lecturer, thus with only 6 trainees your ROI will be realised speedily.
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