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Dear all,
I am a French Native person than who has been living for 20 years in Madrid.
I have worked in Fashion Retail and distribution as a technical; I have work in a Showroom as a coordinator, introducing foreign brands in the Spanish Market.
I have been lived in the south of England for 3 years. Meanwhile my stay also in Madrid I have taught and combine teaching French and English as a foreign language.

I am seriously looking for opportunity abroad where I can relocate and live for the rest of my live.
I am a citizen European. I speak fluently English, Spanish & French. I also have a B2 level in Portuguese ( I studied in Casa do Brazil in Madrid.
I am welcoming opportunities in Most UK but I open to any suggestion.

All tips and links will b most welcome.

Many thanks in advance and please feel free to ask further information.

Best Regards,

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