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Qatar - Modern Slavery - FIFA 2022 - Boycott ?

Qatar as one of the richest countries in the world.
Qatar - host of FIFA World Cup Protected content

Qatar Protected content Nepalese workers in a month's time due to exploitation

Qatar is only one example that's getting noticed worldwide.

What's root/cause - What's solution ? Boycott ?

How will the world community help prevent desperate people from poor countries signing unfair contracts with their 'X' and thus hand themselves over into such situations ?

Protected content

Education ?

On a side note . . . now that Germany is considered being amongst the top countries in the world . . . with the influx of unemployed Greek, Italians, Portuguese and Spanish . . . one can see even the ECB (EuropeanCentralBank) employing low paid part time workers. Ready to be set off any time . . .

And the world population is growing.

If you fancy to comment please bring up . . . solution . . . maybe even fueled with an example/program you stumbled upon.


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