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I bet when God created us was for a beautiful purpose so that we all can cherish and adore one another through our personalities and our complexions.. I can bet my life on it that he did not create us to go against each other simply because there is variation in colors................

Now to be honest what is it a disease that plague the human environment or is it just a stupid word invented by some idiotic fellows...

Every scene is now bothering me and I am sure its of great concern for those who care, because I see no reason why some low lives will fink they are superior over another person whereas they cant even step up to the superiority they claim....

so I am totally confuse if racism is about color or is it just about individuals who feel intimidated and insecure of every seconds that passes by , and they felt like their only way out is through their complexion...

what are your thoughts................on the OLD war that is coming back to life (RACISM) or should we say the OLD war that actually never ended..

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