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Hello dear friends,

I would like to inform readers about olive oil. You must have seen many olive oil or some liquids sold as if they are olive oil but in the truth they can be something else.

Many of us use olive oil on our salads or food or we use it as a medicine. It is one of the oldest food of mankind. It was used as a sauce by Italians and Cesar. Ancestor of todays sauces of pasta were Olive oil, Tomatoes , Pepper and Garlic. Romans and Italians used this mixture for centuries and gifted it to universal culture.

Egian and Mediterian seaside countries with their fruitful lands and Mediterrian Climate allow olive grow massively. Turkey, Greece, Spain, Tunus, Italy are in olive oil manufacturing industry.

Olive oil is gotten by pressing and squeezing olive in mill getting olive oil from this process and modern way is distillation a method that reduce acidity from 4 till 0.3 but in this frame olive oil loses it's virginity.



1-Acidity, Dizem, Ph



Acidity determines value and purity of olive oil and called dizem or ph in some other jargons. Acidity itself has 5 types and it is related to olicid acidity level of olive oil between 0.1 and 4+ These acidities are certificated from analise laboratory.

A)Virgin1(Natural 1) PH=Acidity >0.8 < 2 in otherword acidity of oliveoil is between 0.8 and 2

B) Virgin Protected content PH=Acidty >2 < 3 in otherword acidity of oliveoil is between 0.5 and 0.8

C)Extravirgin PH=Acidty=Dizem < 0.8 in otherword acidity of oliveoil is smaller than 0.8 and generally writes on bottles maximum 0.8 dizem but in the bottle it can be 0.2 dizem which is very good for consumer. the less acidity the more taste and indulgance.

D) Refined : In normal conditions it has 3+ acidity but with distillation and special industrial methods acidity is reduced till 0.3 dizem, ph

E) Chemical Mixtures: some of it is olive oil while some of other is either chemical or other type of oil used for cooking.

Process details of Natural Olive Oil: Olives are collected at fall and pressed in mill. Olives are very mature and their acidity is high inside so extract and output is also with high acidity.

Process details of Virgin Olive Oil: Olives are collected earlier than fall and pressed, squeezed in mill and since collecting is early and acidity level is love output has low level acidity.

Process details of Extra VİRGİN Olive Oil: Getting extravirgin olive oil there are 2 types of proceses.

1st Olives are collected when they are rather unripe. Then pressed and milled.

2nd The scrab olive and olive seed gotten from Virgin Olive oil manufacturing production is pressed and squeezed with big pressure and energy. It is the most valued olive oil. It is like a fruit juice. Soft, delicious.

Process details of Chemical Mixture:

After industrilization some companies developed chemical process and they mix some amount of oliveoil with other oils and get a mixture, add aroma hybrid oil and they sell it on shelves as olive oil with cheap price. Price of this mixture is shaped buy how much olive oil is used in mixture.

Process of Refined Olive oil:

In normal conditions it has 3+ acidity but with distillation and special industrial methods acidity is reduced till 0.3 dizem, ph

Organic Olive Oil:

(Organic olive oil is totally related to organic certificated farming of olive and it is called again Natural organic olive oil, Virgin organic olive oil, Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil etc. the only difference is raw material is organic and no chemicals are interacted with raw material even at squeezing)


After writting about acidity clasification let me tell about aroma issue too. Aroma is related to location, origin of olive planted, kind of olive planted, and mill of olive pressed. Yes, mill is also important because Tons of different olives are pressed and squeezed from these mills of unions or center then taste changes and sometimes aroma is in an uncontinious form however farmers generally plant same type of olive and aroma changes a little by the year passing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is as soft as fruit juice and you can even drink it like water smoothly.

Another factor at aroma is territory that olive is planted. Turkey olive oil has different aroma even in Turkey different territories have different tastes.

It can be generalised to other countries too. For Italy for instance Malta extra extra virgin olive oil has different aroma while Torino has different aroma too.

Stuation is same in other countries too no matter name but aroma changes according to olive type and location that olive planted.


In Turkey Olive oil can be bottled in cans, glass bottles and pet bottles or can be sent by barrels then it is bottled in related country . There are private label manufacturing opportunities too.

If you have any intention to do olive oil business. I have been doing this business for a long while and working with trusted manufacturers and suppliers. I can lead your project and finalize so as to provie good quality olive oil to your market.


At big picture harvest determines price. Scarcity and supply level determine price too.

The most expensive olive oil is organic extravirgin olive oil then it is followed by extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, natural olive oil and chemical mixture.

Enjoy with original olive oil and it's excellent taste.

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