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Rebuild Nepal volunteer - crowd funding

Dear InterNations members,

I am writing you today to ask for a favour. A small act of selflessness and kindness.

You won't have missed the horrible earthquakes that struck Nepal in the past few weeks. Only the two biggest earthquakes have really made the news, but there have been many more minor earthquakes. People are living in fear and in pain, both physically as emotionally. The news is already fading, it is not "exciting" anymore. But the need of those people isn't fading. Not for a long time to come.

Nepal is a country I bonded with strongly during my travels in Protected content 2014. That such a disaster had to happen to one of the poorest and most gentle and warmhearted people on this planet is a horrible thing. It makes me truly sad. That's why I have decided to go to Nepal to volunteer in earthquake relief work. The people in Nepal that have lost their homes and/or family have to be helped asap, as the monsoon season is coming very soon. This will bring many extra challenges and will be a very hard time for the Nepali people. They can not wait for big aid efforts to finish charities and the money to slowly reach Nepal, after going through much unneccessary (and expensive) administration.

For this reason I have started a crowd funding innitiative. Could all of you please be so kind to read my story below on Every donation, big or small, whatever fits your budget, will be highly appreciated. Keep in mind that an average wage in Nepal is 60 EUR per month, so even only a small amount would already go a long way there. After giving, please also start sharing online with family, friends and colleagues. The more exposure, the better. This is the most direct way to get the help and money directly where it is needed.

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The people that have been to Nepal will probably know how much our help is needed. We are in a position to make a difference. Help me do so.

Thank you for your kindness. I will be forever in your debt.


link: Protected content

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