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Recommendations on Australian Skilled Worker Prog.

Hi, I am interested in moving to Australia to work for the next few years under the Skilled Worker Program. I have read about it on the Australian Immigration website and the Get Down Under website that was posted on another Inter Nations thread about immigrating to Australia which have been great. However I haven't been able to work out the specific differences between the subclass Protected content , subclass Protected content and subclass Protected content Nominated visas.

My understanding so far is that both Protected content 190 allow you to live anywhere in Australia but the Protected content only to schedule 1 occupations while the Protected content to both schedule 1 and 2 occupations. Meanwhile the Protected content restricted to the specific region that nominates you, however I haven't determined yet what it means to be nominated - which also occurs in the Subclass 190.

Also I am not entirely sure about the differences between schedule 1 and Schedule 2. Is it better to submit my EOI for an occupation from the Schedule 1 or the Schedule 2 if my education and experience could support one from either?

Given my lack of understanding on the topic is it worth utilizing the services of a private consulting company like SkillSelect Protected content or Global Visa Protected content which could help with the application process or is it easy enough to do on my own?


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