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Recordings project in Germany

My company, Rubidium ( Protected content ), is looking for someone in Germany who can coordinate a project in any large German city in the next 2 weeks.

Job entails:
- Need to seek out suitable sound-free rooms for the recordings (with our approval), like be music studios or classrooms, etc.

- Find native German speaking university students and other people; men and women, with a variety of accents (from various cities) that will come to the location and record their voice for ~30 minutes in front of a computer

- Schedule each person to come one at a time

- The people will be paid for recording

- The recording work is done in a week, 9 hours per day (hours to be determined).

If you have any leads or contacts in any city in Germany (near a university), please contact me or write to Renee Hirsch at: Protected content

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