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REFUGEES - Should be Welcome Them or Ban Them ??

President Obama Says America is great economy because of Immigrants and refugees.Immigrants build & innovated many amazing companies and contributed to science, music, arts, literature, movies, journalism etc. not only to US but also to the world.
Example of Famous Immigrants like Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, Khali Gabren, Mila Kunis, Nikola Tesla. Contribution made by some of the immigrants to the society and to the country is well appreciated.

Keeping in the View, European population is decreasing and some of the european countries have birth rate which is not even on the replacement level. So in order to have supply of labour and workers to support the economy, many of the countries allow refugees and immigrants to settle in their country. Plus there is CAPITALIST SIDE also for allowing refugees/immigrants is that availability of low wage labour in order to boost the profits and keep maximum share of profits with owner.Many corrupt politicians allows refugees to settle in their country so that These refugees become VOTE BANK and these politicians play Vote Bank politics in order to stay in Power by HOOK OR CROOK

But well there is ANOTHER SIDE of the coin, Recent TERROR attacks in various parts of Europe shows that there is disadvantage of allowing immigrants and refugees to settle in the nation. Some part of Britain have Sharia Courts where they does not believe in Britain's Law. There are Incidents of Rotherham rapes where many immigrants have abused, molested and raped many children. HORRIBLE. In state of Assam in India, where Illegal Immigrants have became Vote Bank for Corrupt Politicians and encroaching even Wild Animal's FOREST Land for their settlement

Keep in the View both advantages and disadvantage, WHAT DO YOU THINK - Should we WELCOME or BAN Refugees in our countries ??

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