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Reinventing yourself in a new foreign context

As expats, we have diverse stories, backgrounds, and goals. But we all have one thing in common: most often than not we have to reinvent ourselves in a new foreign context. We have to create a new reality around us, adapt, yet not lose ourselves! We have to effectively navigate higher levels of complexity not only in our personal lives but often in business as well.

I myself have lived and worked in 5 countries (Russia, India, Bahrain, Nicaragua & Colombia). Now looking back, I wonder how different it could have been, how much time, drama, and focus I could have spared if somebody was there to help me see my blind spots, support me in being more effective and joyful on that journey,

Now I am that person, who could empower others and help align external reality to internal purpose.

I am a leadership & expat coach, with 6 years and Protected content of 1:1 practice, 12 years in leading learning and talent management in multinational teams, and clients from 11 countries across the globe.

Currently getting a 2nd level Professional Certified Coach accreditation by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

I'd be happy to support you in our expat journey, making it more joyful and balanced.

You can contact me:

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