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religion, ego and new age spiritualism


i have enough of those new age spiritualism crap
they should be called the new age paradox
i mean its getting ridiculous how they package their words so well like if you long for prada or gucci then you have been enslaved by consumerism, if your church tells you that you are sinner then they are trapping you with thoughts that you need God!

gimme a friggin break

in truth people who are into these new self-empowerment things are actually people who are burnt with the rat race or just cant cope with social pressures or simply demand a logical religion to feed their i-am -right-in -everything-that-i-do ego-boosting delusion
in another words these are weak-willed people quiting games that they cant handle and justifying it by saying that the game has negative effects on them
why i think its certainly real slick and convenient of them to say that but lets just set some truths straight about christianity

now in christianity they offered a concept that humans are sinners but then it is still up to our human interpretation when we are digesting this thought
in my opinion it is up to you in how optimistic you and how much you want to heal and how confident are you that you can receive help from it
its amazing how we can turn this good thought into something cynical or coy when the person thinking is too negative and too fearful to be wrong

we usually look for religion to heal us, i hope everyone can refrain from making it a way to boost your ego and say that oh i chose the right way of life!

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