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Religion, Politics and Sex with Teenagers

The topic just popped up, and I am exploring it now

We get sex education, religious education, political education at school and at home... or do we?

what were your experiences? Are these subjects conversational taboos for you as an adult... ? Do/did you follow your parents ways, until you break /broke away, or still ?

I welcome your thoughts.... on the polical focus... How have you educated your kids to vote ? Its their right. Are they voting. Will they vote. How will they vote

This arose from a facebook posting I read, saying that "getting young people to vote will change everything." - do we in fact want tchange? Do our kids want change ?

Its very relevant to me since I have a 20 year old TCK ( made miami, born Zurich, Protected content Austria, 14 to 19 in France, now at Uni in Lausanne to do Physics.... ) a bonus ten year old daughter in Wien, and an almost 2 year old daughter in Wien....

What should I tell them, how should I guide their political education ? What support can I expect from poliicians and teachers ?

seeking guidance, Nigel

ps, note the recent response from the ten year old in Vienna when asked "What do you know about politics":-

1 you can apply for a postal vote
2 you can go and vote in person
3 the pilz party, peter pilz, wants to legalise drugs, its on his sticker
4 i know someone in the neos party.


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