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Religious Beliefs Vs. Contemporary Birth Control


Are we held prisoner by religious beliefs that forbid birth control despite the alarming statistics that show of the 2.2 billion children across the world Protected content are illiterate, about 6%. When they grow into adulthood, that is now 1 Billion people illiterate. Hunger: more than 1 Billion people are hungry accounting for the death of 5 Million Children.

In a contemporary world society, is this pointing to religious fanaticism, burying our heads in the sand, because of ?...... We respect religion, but are we not individually responsible for making intelligent decisions that are beneficial to a more stabilized world in this case, the security and well being of children. I have already asked the question "is his Holiness the Pope providing me with aid if I had Protected content without the ability to care for them?

Is it not time for all men and women, rich and poor, of every religion, of every nation, given the mentioned statistics, to question whether or not they should be bound by archaic religious docrine to produce unwanted children doomed for neglect?

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