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Relocation Manual published

Dear friends, I like to announce that my new book:
Relocation Manual - The ultimate Guide through your relocation process with detailed checklists. is now available with Amazon and Kindle.
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Description of the book:
In the actual economic scenario international relocation is a major subject. Companies must go global and must explore emerging markets. Managers and their families must be flexible and prepared to move to new countries, cultures and environment. The pressure from the company and the complexity of the process requires thorough planning and execution.
The Relocation Manual covers all subjects from first thought of relocation to repatriation. It is a step-by-step guide through the process and has well thought through check lists for all concerned matters. It leaves no subject untouched and is stringent in its explanations. Based on my own experiences it is spiced up with my relocation stories. The book has no specific focus on a certain country and is meant to be a guide for all relocatees worldwide. And for accompanying spouses this is the ultimate go-to when left alone to move the family. In the appendix is special section for USA, as most relocatees come from or move to the States.
The concept of the book is to provide one guide for the complete, ideal process and all following relocations. It is information for the employing company and the employee and his family. One section points out the importance of professional relocation services (RLM) and related costs. Companies can evaluate the costs of failure of an assignment compared to the costs of RLM.

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