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Relocation to Johannesburg


Hello Internations, I am planning to relocate to Johannesburg for work. To get my things right from the beginning your expat knowledge would be of much help. Following concerns move me most

Apartment rental - Do you know in which areas it is most safe to live and can you recommend any supportive agents.

Apartment rental - What cost does my rental allowance have to cover to be in a safe area and reach somewhat European standards? What are the monthly rents, what additional cost do I have to consider?

Health insurance - Can you recommend what I should not forget about to negotiate with my company in terms of my insurance policy.

How to get around - Jo'burg is not the most safe of all places and there should be a car allowance. Is this a safe way to get around in the city? What would I have to consider for this allowance?

These are my priority concers. Your help would be much appreciated.

Be good,

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