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Relocation to Sudan

Hello! I just found out that I will be going to Port Sudan in about Protected content to be the administrator of a new school there. I have previously done this in Egypt for 2 1/2 years so I am not expecting large changes in the experience, except that now, Egypt is having some major problems. Can anyone tell me what I should bring with me? What can I expect to be the norm for daily living? How do people there shop for food? What about utilities, what is the norm there? I will be given a furnished flat, car and driver to use while I'm there. What will the students be like? What would be some possible challenges for me? What will pleasantly surprise me? I am a simple, one human family type of person who enjoys education and helping people learn new things. I am more of a global citizen than an American, and have traveled many places. I dress modestly and have very simple needs. Please tell me... what can I expect? How much does simple living cost there? What things will be missing in the way of basics? I don't know much about Sudan and I am so curious. Thanks for your help!

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