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retirement haven suggestions?


I'm a retired, solo Canadian woman living currently in the Philippines near an elderly parent (who remarried a Filipina) but I'm not feeling like I fit in here. So I'm looking for other options of where to move to (in the next while), where my retirement money goes further and where there is an english speaking expat community.

I prefer to live in a big enough city environment to have reliable infrastructure (power, water, transportation and of course internet), a mix of restaurants, entertainment and exercise options (besides water sports or just walking). Someplace likely not tropical (I don't like humidity or lots of rain) but sunny and dry climate. Am I dreaming in technicolour? Does such a place actually exist?

Maybe in the Mediterranean? I like the climate of the middle east (desert like) but I don't think it is suitable to live there at this time (and my arabic is not great :)).

Any location suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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