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I got a message on InterNations from a romance scammer going by the name of PAUL WILSON. He also has used the name SCOTT MILLER.

He is a convicted romance scammer who poses as a Major General.
He is using the InterNations, among other social media platforms, to seduce women and drip them dry. I've informed InterNations and wanted to make sure to bring this up on the forum so that anyone else can be aware.

Upon receiving his message tonight I had an instant bad taste in my mouth. As a former US military veteran, I just sensed something was "off" about his claim as a Major General. A quick google search proved that my intuition was right.

Here are links about him and his scams:

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I have been increasingly disturbed by the men on InterNations. A lot of them seem to be using this platform to shark the waters for women. I get messages every day from random men trying to pressure me to meet them in person. Disgusting.

I've had a very bad experience at one my first InterNations official events by an old man and longtime member. When his harassment failed on me he rudely cursed me out in French. He then proceeded to harass every single other young woman on the dance floor, to the horror of the rest of us looking on. He keeps checking on my page and whenever I got to a party he tries to take my hand.

I told a leader at InterNations, and was told to redirect my concerns to the host of the party, but since the hosts seem to change every week that is likely to be a dead end.

It's pretty disgusting that an internationally reknown expat forum that charges so much money doesn't vet their members better. I'm shocked that a caught and convicted scammer is wheelin' around on this website, and that members who have a reputation for targeting and harassing new, incoming women are tolerated at all.

So far InterNations has been a mixed experience and needs to heighten its standards with regards to member conduct. This site and its subsequent events charges way too much for way too little, and it seems to be relying on a fresh, new mill of women to sustain its memberships, because after all, paying members have the ability to look at profiles and contact people, etc. Of course it is usually the creepy men who take advantage of the paid memberships, and use the Albatross tier as a way to 'spy' and pre-stalk women and the parties they will be attending.

Hopefully this post will help any other women out there who have been 'twinkled' at by the likes of "MAJOR GENERAL" Paul Wilson.

Meanwhile I hope any InterNations men reading this will duly rectify their behavior. Stop twinkling like a dumb Christmas tree and asking to meet women prior to the events. Grow up.


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