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Royal Doctors


“Connecting people to the best care”

Good health is of key importance and it is only logical that you worry about it now and then. Even if we feel as fit as a fiddle we ask ourselves sometimes if everything is functioning normally in our body. To know for sure, tests and examinations can be carried out. But whom should you turn to? How much is it going to cost in terms of time and money? For a layperson it is difficult to find your way around the medical world.

Royal Doctors is a service provider in the medical sector which will guide you quickly through that maze. We understand your anxiety and concern about undergoing the right tests in the shortest delays, obtaining focused advice or starting accurate treatment.
Our services concentrate on three different areas of medical science: check-ups, second opinions and treatment.

It is our task to find the shortest way to the best medical care and the best available doctor(s) for you. We achieve this by asking the right questions, asking for medical reports and taking immediate action. Thanks to our personal contacts with doctors, our knowledge in the area of examination centres and the fact that we acquire some treatments or consultations beforehand, we can provide all our patients with the required services or examinations within the shortest possible delays.

For each discipline of our activities we aim for the highest quality. For this purpose, we can fall back on an international network which is enlarged and adapted every single day. Therefore, we have regular independent quality controls of hospitals and services carried out and, at the European level, call for the introduction of a quality label for medical institutions and staff.

As we strongly believe in Personalised Healthcare, all our services are tailor-made. At Royal Doctors you will be personally accompanied by team members who are all paramedics, from the first contact to the last medical report. If you choose Royal Doctors as organiser of your medical journey, you will find back the exclusivity in transport and hotels booked for you. If required, we even provide an interpreter.

Connecting people to the best care!

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