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Safest place when the bombs go off?

Just as a random thought, where do you think will be the safest place when it all hits the fan, and the world descends into self destruction?

I certainly don't think it will be North America, Russia, China, etc, as all the superpowers will be eager to strike first, to avoid being the last to press the button.

Neither do I think it will be Europe, as the borders with the Russian Federation are all aiming at each other anyway, and will be some of the first to disappear.

Australia? No, too aligned with the UK, US, etc.

Even India and Pakistan will join the fray, and wipe each other out, likewise as will Israel v Iran.

So does that leave only Africa and South America?

Ok, who will be stupid enough to start MAD (mutually assured destruction), yeah, maybe Kim Jong Stupid, or even Trump, but what are your guesses, as to the safest place to be?

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