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Ladies and Gentlemen,
after the great success in Europe and worldwide, we decided to offer from a large range of the products from a German-company 'KrugTEC Europe GmbH', a product „K-SCREED”.
„K-SCREED” – cement - self leveling screed represents an evolution in screed making technology, and it is based on experience and laboratory tests for more than 30 years.
We want to make this high quality product, „K-SCREED” with 10 year warranty, to be available to you.
Sand, water and cement are mixed in the concrete plant and mixing of those components is a computer controled proces. Transport to the site is carried out in special vehicles – concrete mixer trucks. 3 liters of the K−SCREED by m3 is to be added to screed mixture when on site and kept mixing for about 15 minutes. To reach desired consistency you can add water, if needed.
If you own your equipment for mixing, it is not necessary to take concrete from the concrete plant, but must adhere to the given recipe.
With this innovative and proven „K-SCREED” – cement-self leveling screed, 3 workers can during working day (8h) finish the surface of:
Protected content in residential buildings
Protected content in commercial halls with large surfaces
 more than 1,000 m2 of extra large areas (shopping malls, garages, etc).
„K-SCREED” – cement - self leveling screed is a mixture that is casting and leveling almost by itself, with a maximum height difference of only 2 mm. The tiles, parquet or flooring specialists will be grateful that they find such a flat, hard and smooth surface, on which they can work with less adhesive and added primer.
Now you can independently install a „K-SCREED”– cement - self leveling screed in an easy and quick manner, with guarantees that you will be able to start the next phase of work on the floor in Protected content Protected content .
Quality guarantee is provided only if properly adheres to the given recipes for the production of „K-SCREED”– cement - self leveling screed.
We will be happy to assist you in and provide for consultation or provide a demonstration of our products. Further details are available on our website:
Protected content
For the appointment please contact Mr. Srdjan Popržen on:
E-mail: Protected content or Protected content
Phone: Protected content .

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