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Sanki-Pankies (temporary sexual workers)

In my country they are called Sanki-Pankies. They are temporary sex workers for hire on a short-time or long time basis. They are male and female. Usually, in tourist towns, the Sanki-Pankies are sought after by tourists, male and female. Often, you find them in bars and beaches: the young male/female sanki-panky in the company of a much older man/woman, usually of White skin (sanki-pankies come in all shapes and colors, but more often than not they are mulattoes or black). And, yes, some of them end up as husbands, wives or partners of tourists who, obviously, become very attached to them, emotionally and otherwise.
An unfortunate aspect of this situation is that many sanki-pankies are below legal age. In fact, some foreign folks pay parents to keep minors as sexual live-in partners.
The issue is complex, but well-travelled folks, folks with a global mindset, and folks with a vast international experience may have something to add or contribute to the exploration of this issue. Of course, I'm talking about you :-). Do you know of anything that may help recude/stop the exploitation of minors in this cross-cultural setting? Anything you care to add to these thoughts? Thanks.

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