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Sarkozy as mass media actor : ways and means ?


I guess everybody heard about N.Sarkozy's relationships with important industrials such as Bolloré . Probably you've also heard about his love affair with Carla Bruni. He knows how to use medias to be seen as a modern, young, dynamic and trendy President; and no doubt he is well advised for this.

I would be interested to know how the rest of the world sees and judges that weird interaction between Sakozy, his constant need of showing off of his private life, and the media.
To me it is a polite and skillful diversion, or more, a parry : neither to his politic actions nor to his public role, but to the criticisms and fears that were done from the first moments of his mandate, regarding a possible and probable censorship of the french media (remember the G8 scandal that was widely spread on internet but nothing on french channels...). A way of allaying both french press and people suspicions.... giving them all but only all they need to know.
Today, the recurrent sentence about his love affaire is "let them in peace they're free". Ok. but they show off in an amusement park on a saturday before Christmas : what can you expect in that case if not being noticed and seen by all ? and in the meantime, what's going on in this country ?......

What are your press or personal comments that drawn your attention to that whole interaction ?

PS. A funny ad for the ones that speak french. I just received it and.. I'm glad to be from a country where you can laugh about politics. But I'm wondering how much time it'll stay online ! :)
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