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Scam using web site ads, Paypal and MoneyGram

I want to alert people to scams using advertisements on sites like Petitesannonces, Tutti, Anibis, and others. But these web sites have no responsibility in these scams. It's people responding to ads and then using other services like Paypal and MoneyGram to create a scam. I hate to admit it, but I got caught.
A person who called himself Jakub Daniel agreed to buy some furniture that I advertised. But he wanted me to pay for the transportation costs. His scheme was that he would pay me through Paypal and I should pay the transport cost with MoneyGram. He would then add the transport cost plus the furniture and deposit the total to my Paypal account. For example, the furniture was Protected content transport 200. So I send him Protected content Moneygram and he would deposit Protected content my Paypal. I went along with this, being a trusting person, and because I was very happy to get a buyer and I wanted to make it work. The scam was that he faked a Paypal account and sent me messages that looked legitimate, showing that I would receive the Protected content my Paypal account. Of course, that never happened.
So, here are my warnings to other people. First, if I can use Moneygram, so can he, so there is no need for me to pay anything like that. After the money is retrieved by the scammer you can't get it back.
Second, make sure that any Paypal messages come from the real Paypal by checking your own account. The faked email address was paypal @ The messages went into the spam folder ! is not Paypal.
After that, there was another message asking for more money, and phone calls from a blocked number pressuring me to go ahead.
The names used for the MoneyGram payments were: VIBOR TOKE, DAVEN HEIRY, Almeida Ceballos, and Jamie Souza.
Be warned.

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