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School buses needed

I am a teacher at Hassan II High school in the city of Benimellal in Morocco .
Some of my students live in a poor neighbourhood called " Ait Tislit ".They come to school
on feet because their parents low income can't cover public bus expences .To cross the distance between school and their homes , they have to walk 3 km four times every schoolday . When it's raining ,they get wet before they reach school .
When it's hot they suffer from the terrible heat which reaches up to 48 °centigrades in May and June .
Other younger students aged Protected content from the same problem :They go to Driss Ben Zekri Jubior High School or Moha ou Hamou junior High school down town .The total number of students who suffer from the lack of means of trasport is about Protected content most of them are girls.
I would like to get somebody offer school buses free of charge for thses children but I do not know where to start .I would be so much grateful if you could possibly connect me with an organization or any other organism that can offer means of transport free of charge for these children belonging to underprivilieged families .
Best Regards

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